Olive Oil Labels

Since 1906, in the picturesque mountain village of Corfu called Sokraki, the Chondrogiannis family is active in the production of olive oil. The traditional village of Sokraki first appears historically in 1343 and is located on the northern, mountainous side of Corfu at an altitude of 450 meters. From the very first years until today, the olives are harvested in our estates which are located just outside the center of the village, in the area of “Plagia”. That’s where our product, the pure virgin oil “Plagia” got its name from, made by selected olives from the Corfiot variety “Lianolia”. Our olive mill, where the production and processing of oil used to take place, is located in the center of the village and now functions as a museum, inviting its visitors to get to know the traditional way of olive oil production.